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I just joined the plc programming by buying q series q030ude.

Using GXworks2 and GTworks3, is it to make automatic AC plant control. I make some ladder diagrams to suit the requirements of employer, but I am stuck at gtworks3 since I cannot find video tutorials or guide online, which part I am stuck is making data collecting and report printing for daily usage of aggregates, cement and asphalt. and store data at least a month worth.

My plan is not to use HMI got2000, instead I will use gt softgot2000 version that run on pc. I can upload the file I did for the plant, as for now, it is only for weighing and mixing. but since I cannot test load cell modules, I am using counters as the weight.

thanks so much in advance if anyone could help me, advice me, suggest me, train me, guide me :)

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I think you want to use the logging function. This will log any number of data values from the PLC at set sampling intervals or on a trigger bit. You can choose to store them in CSV files automatically. A few GB of CSVs would probably give you past data for several years if you're sampling every 10 mins or something like that.

The data can be displayed on Historical Trend Graphs and in Historical Data Lists. The GOT automatically jumps between CSVs if the data points are spread over multiple files.

You should have a look at the GT Designer 3 GOT2000 Screen Design Manual to find out about these functions.

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thanks, I will try both of them :)

I want to print, how much tonnage the plant used per day, and also store in HDD of the PC running gt softgot2000. Whenever the inspection, we have the data to show.

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