pranav Kotasthane

FX-3GE-24M Communication with Vijeo Citect SCADA

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We are communicating FX3GE PLC with Vijeo Citect SCADA. We tried various protocols such as MelsecNET, MelsecFX2N, Melsec1, etc. If you know how please help.

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If question is actual.

I have used for connecting fx series plc with Citect Scada v7.10 via mx component, but also you can use mx opc. If you successfully added plc on mx component or mx opc next need configure input/output device in scada.Choose protocol MXCOMP and address that configured for this plc in mx component. For opc need choose protocol OPC and address Mitsubishi.MXOPC.6 with same name for device as in mx opc server.

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