Can't see Micro850 after failed firmware update

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Hello everyone!

This is the first time I use Micro850 controller (2080-LC50-48QWB) and after I made a really simple programme (just for testing) I wanted to download it to my controller (which I was able to see and connect to via Ethernet and USB normally) and I got a message saying that firmware version didn't match (programme - v9, and PLC - v4).

So I found some datasheet where was explained how to upgrade device firmware with ControlFLASH. I started the mentioned software, choose the right controller, and I choose the version 9 and the process started, but near the end I got the ERROR message, and the update wasn't finished successfully. So my controller went to fault (FAULT red light flashes) and now I can not see it in RSLinx nor via Ethernet nor USB.

Does anyone have any idea what could I do to try to establish connection with my controller? I have tried to change from prog mode to run, and back to prog, but the fault remains.

I really hope that I didn't make some serious mistake, because we need this PLC very soon for work.

Thanks  in advance!

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How were you connected during the firmware update...via USB or Ethernet?  USB is convenient, but if the connection is interrupted during flashing, well you see what happens.  

I personally do not have experience with the new Micro850 controller, but can say that some A-B processors, when the firmware update is interrupted, you have successfully "bricked" the processor making it completely unusable.  In those cases, we had to replace the processor.

Have you called Rockwell/A-B Tech Support to inquire further?

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I was connected via USB, because I thought that was maybe the safer connection, but apparently my logic was very wrong:wacko:

This is the line from the ControlFLASH log file that showed the error:

[FAILURE] Reset: Error #11003: Unconnected Send timed out waiting for a response.
  GS=0x01, ES=0x0204

So, I guess that you are completely right.

I am pretty new at the whole PLC thing, so this is the first time I actually heard of "bricking", and I thank you very much for your reply and a lesson.

I haven't contacted the Tech support yet, I wanted to try everything I could before I do that, but I guess I have no other choice left.

Thank you again, very very much!


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Hi everyone

I have the same problem at the moment :).

Tijana what did you do? 

Did you have to replace the processor? 

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