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Cx-Supervisor: Identical Pages

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I'm with a new draft CX-Supervisor.
I have to make a lot of identical pages in which only varies from one to the other a label, a textbox and something more.

I know there is a technique to make the page only 1 time, and subsequently routed correctly the labels and tags. I remember seeing him in any web or any documentation.

Anyone know anything about this?

Thank you!

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I will give an example to be better understood.

  Imagine that we have a plan or map 6 traffic lights. And every time you press one of the traffic lights on the map it opens the window control (eg semaphore 4 ON / OFF button).


  Theoretically this should build screen for each of the six lights, that is six screens. But ... being identical pages 6 must be a way to build only 1 time, and is routed to appropriate light at runtime. The question is how? Imagine that instead of 6 traffic lights, have 50.

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I have resolved as follows:

1. I think an array of text in memory of 10 named positions: HEADER

2. When initializing the position HEADER array project as follows:

3. I think the variable int "trafficlight_index"

4. I think a single page "traffic light" consisting for example:
a) A text field (####) and the editor of animations: Display value (text) HEADER [trafficlight_index]
b) A numeric array (##) that for example we will create in the editor points as "time_in_green" and the animation editor: Edit and display analog value: time_in_green [trafficlight_index]

5. On another page that menu, think 10 buttons all lead to the same page "Traffic Light" and charged each button to "trafficlight_index" a different integer value using a VB script (running script). Example:

Script to run button 1:
trafficlight_index_index = 0
Display "Trafficlight"

Script to run the button 2:
trafficlight_index = 1
Display "Trafficlight"


You save a lot if there are many identical pages!

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