Servodrive with FX5U and Simple Motion FX-40SSC-S

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Hello, I'm new to this forum and PLC world in general (especially to Mistubishi PLCs). I have a task in which I need to synchronize servomotor with another motor that runs conveyer (servomotor needs to stamp a label on a foil on a conveyer), in GX Works3. Servo motor is run by Simple Motion module.

I need general tips on how to make pulses from encoder into something useful that can be used to send data to Simple Motion module. I need high speed counter to count pulses (never actually did this, I got this from manuals), how would I, for example, get speed out of it? Number n pulses, divide it with time it took to get to n pulses? How would I make Simple Motion to make servomotor on his Axis #1 to rotate at same speed?



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You could use the fixed interval interrupt function in the PLC to sample and calculate a speed command to send to the MCU.

But a better way to do it might be to use the manual pulse generator function. This is where you connect the encoder directly to the MCU and your servo becomes the slave. This is detailed in the FX-40SSC-S manuals.

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