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Melservo MR-J2s-10a TTL connection to 990TDb CNC lathe controller

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I'm having a hard time figuring out how to connect two Mitsubishi Melservo MR-J2S-10A servo drives to a Chinese CNC lathe controller I bought.  Both manuals assume a fair amount of knowledge I don't appear to possess.  The servo drive manual was already in the download section at:

And the Lathe Controller manual can be found here:

The 990TDb I/O and axis info starts on page 89, and I think the pertinent info for the Servo Drive starts on page 49.  If anyone has a moment to look I would appreciate the help.  I think I have a pretty good handle on everything except the exchange between the drive and controller.  I will be using the controller for overtravel sensors.



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