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I have a couple older Keyence KV-40dt that I need to modify the program on. The equipment designer is long gone, but I think the program is read protected. This is done using MEMSW $8000. Some of the programs are fairly complicated, so it is potentially worth some effort to get access.  

I found this software program to backup the program:

It is a demo version that allows downloading the program. However this demo version doesn't allow reloading that program. The company seems defunct and I can't find any valid contact info or a non demo version that allows reloading the program. In another post PLCutils mentions " Any person can read such "pseudo" protected program the same way as Ladder does it with 0x32, 0x00, command." However, I don't know how to write a program to the PLC. 

The program downloads a .cod file. In a hex editor it looks all scrambled, but I was going to try to decipher how the MEMSW $8000 gets written and edit the hex. I need to be able to reload the .cod file for this to work. Does anyone have any ideas?

I also saw that .cod files are read by the KV Incrediware software for dos. I don't know if this is the same .cod file format that I have, but I may try getting a copy of that. 

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The company is not defunct. The higher end rack systems are not supported in the US. The small brick units (like yours) are supported. If the unit is indeed very old then you may have to use KV Ladder Builder software. Otherwise the latest software is KV Studio. The new Visual KV series is very similar to the unit that you have only they have LCD screens on them.

The software is not free although I'm sure Keyence could help you to upload, download or convert. I would suggest contacting Keyence directly. I do not believe they have knowledgeable distributers for PLCs, at least not in our area.


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