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Hi all, 

Can someone please help me, I am using a Micro830 Controller running connected components workbench software to program the controller.

I want the use the Real Time Clock of the controller to control an output to turn on everyday at 01:30am and turn of when it receives a signal from an input.

The output will control a backwash valve that will operate and activate a cam switch internally that sends a signal back to the Controller to say the valve has operated and can now stop sending the signal to the valve. (if that makes sense).

I have tried playing around with the RTC instructions but I cannot seem to get it to operate how I want it to.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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Ok so i figured it out.

I was using the wrong Instruction.

I found the TOW Time of Week instruction which accesses the date from the RTC and allows you to set a number of times to turn on and of outputs. :-2


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