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FactoryTalk View SE project gone! FTView SE uninstalled when I upgraded ViewPoint??

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Hey guys so I am still fairly new to Rockwell, I've been working with it for almost 2 years, but never learned about any Rockwell software other than RSLogix when I was in school, so it has been a learning process on the job.  So, if my terminology is off, I apologize.

So we are migrating from RSView32 to FTView SE and Historian Classic to Historian SE.  We got 90% of the work done, with the help of a few days with a RA Integrator.  We converted the RSView32 project to a FTView SE project, modified the tags in Excel (we're switching to a new server and new RSLinx, etc so the tags' path had to be modified).  Everything in the new SE project was working well.

I should point out that we were using FactoryTalk View SE 8.0

So everything is working well, and then I read about FactoryTalk ViewPoint SE.  I have already set up ViewPoint ME for some of our PanelView Plus terminals, so I am fairly familiar with ViewPoint and publishing displays.  So I feel confident to install FTViewPoint SE.  So I install FTViewPoint SE 8.0, set it up, publish the displays for our FTView SE project and it all goes well.  I am able to open up a browser on a seperate computer that is on the network, I can go to the ViewPoint website and all the screens work great.  Then I try doing it from my phone.  It tells me that I need Microsoft Silverlight installed.  So I look into it and read that ViewPoint 8.1 uses HTML, so I think "Great!  I'll just download and install 8.1 and then I can access the project from a phone or tablet.

So I install download FactoryTalk ViewPoint SE 8.1 from Rockwell's website, and install it.  It asks me to reboot so I do.  Once rebooted I RDP back onto the server and notice that my FTView SE icons are gone from my desktop.  I then go to Start -> All Programs -> Rockwell and FactoryTalk View SE is completely gone!  I look in Doccuments -> RSView Enterpirse -> ME and the project is gone too!

I'm guessing that I made at least 1 mistake by not updating FTView SE to 8.1, correct?  My FTView SE was at 8.0 when I installed FTViewPoint 8.1.  But would that have uninstalled FTView SE and deleted my project??

I just wanted to ask you guys if you have ever heard of or experienced this.  When my IT guys get back from lunch I am going to ask them if the keep backups of the server and if so if I can get that project out of there.  I just cant believe that by installing a newer version of FTViewPoint that it would uninstall FTView SE.

Any input is appreciated.



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