DOPSoft - offline simulator error : TickersEmulator stopped working

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Hello EveryOne,

This is my first time in this forum.

I am facing issue with DOPSoft on my laptop. When i am trying to execute offline simution of the screen, I get an error saying "TickersEmulator stopped working" & it closes the simulation screen.

I assume its an error related to display/Screen etc. But not confirm to rectify the issue.

It working fine on other PC. Where can i work to resolve the issue ???


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Have you downloaded the latest version of DOP soft ?

I'm running version 2.00.05 on Windows 7 without any problems.

Check that the DOP soft version you have is able to run on your operating system, should be stated on the Delta website.


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Can anyone  help me getting DOPSoft preloaded drivers requirements ????

As I think, it might be searching for any missing drivers ??

Or do it require any particular System requirements ???

I am using Windows 7 professional 64 bit. Also i have updated my windows for all updates shown. But still not working on my PC while works on others. Unable to resolve it yet.

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