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Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing very great,

I'm new to Schneider PLCs and I have a project that I need to work on, so I will need your help with the following issues:

*) How can one determine which Schneider PLC series is used if you only have a fuzzy picture of the PLC ? 

*) I need to setup a historic of alarms, I have 13 PLCs, no connexion between them... I was thinking about creating a connexion between those PLCs and a database, so I need your help to determine a list of ALL the materials i will need (from cables to servers to a computer if necessary...) and some documentation on how that can be done...

Thank you so much for helping me,
Best regards


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That is a tsx micro pl7. You use pl7 pro software to connect to them. To connect all these plc on a network I would suggest getting a tsx etg gateway to convert the connection to ethernet. The database and pc side it up your discretion. Either get a scada package to retrieve the data from the plc or you must use an opc server to collect the data and write it to a db

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