RS Who unable to modules but RSLinx does

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After a recent windows 7 update, RS Who has come up with yellow "?" on all network modules. RS Linx is working fine, being able to data mine all modules. I have rolled back the windows update to a previous version. This did not help. I have uninstalled and re-installed RSLogix 5000 to not avail. Have updated to the latest module profiles in RS Logix and downloaded and installed the latest EDS files. Still RS Logix will not see the network in RS Who. As I support many different versions and models for a wide variety of customers, this is causing considerable grief. Has anyone else had this problem and if  so, how did they get around it? Is there a way of directly setting a processor path, without going through RS Who? My local AB supplier is confounded. Screen shots in attached file.

RS Who Problems.docx

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