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logix5000 Cannot accept any more connections (Error 011A)

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[Hello, this is my first post - hope I posted in the right place.]

We have multiple Logix5000 PLCs and are using Wonderware 9.x HMI.

There are 4 SCADA PCs running Wonderware. Each is set up with DAServer and they pull the tags directly from the PLCs.

On one SCADA PC, DAServer is continuously throwing the following error when attempting to read tags from a specific PLC:

"Encountered following errors while establishing connection for New_PORT_CIP_000.HSPS.Backplane... ExtSTS=011A: Target Application cannot support any more connections".

The tags from that PLC don't get updated on this particular SCADA PC.

The "HSPS" PLC reports 7 active connections, with 64 available. CPU utilization is ~30%.

The other PCs are not reporting this error and are working fine.

I would be very grateful for any suggestions to track down this error.


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