'Slave Application Error" with NX-ECC20x

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Hello every one

 I got a trouble with Omron Sysmac,when connecting with NX-ECC201.My NX-ECC201 include 2 module NX-ID and 2 module NX-OD.

I got the error "Slave Application Error" with it

Do you know how I can solve this error.

Thank you so much

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NX_ECC* is an EtherCAT Adapter for NX I/O, and you have 'simple' Input and Output Cards, so the probability of having an error in the configuration of the NX I/O is really low... as there's few to configure..., so... I'd point to the NX-EC coupler itself configuration.

The 'Slave Application Error' is a 'generic' EtherCAT Error, so please you should provide more details on the error  from the troubleshooter function in Sysmac, I'd check the basics... that the ECC coupler configuration mathces with the hardware, that the version of the units matches, etc..., I'm sure you'll fix the problem quick, because you are not using hardware that requires advanced configuration

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The 'backplane' connection with the Nx I/O is rubbish.

I had endless problems with a system. This was one of the million errors that would randomly appear.

Omron recommend cleaning the contacts and fitting clamps either end to hold it together.

Of course, ether cat is not a silver bullet and all usual noise mitigation techniques are required.


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