GE Fanuc 90-30 problem

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I am Siemens programists newbie to GE-Fanuc.


1) Program was created in LM90-30 - i can not work with this software (Versapro only)

2) I have no valid backup in Versapro 2.04 and LM90-30,

3) After load hardware, logic, variables to Versapro 2.04 - Logic not Equal, 

4) There is no _Main.dec available,

5) There is one empty subroutine in IL after upload causing: "IL Temporary variable range not defined". Warn: "Block contains empty data lists."

6) After trying to check_all - stil p.5,


I could monitor program with migrated version from LM90-30. After making changes (just store logic), program still looks like before changes (despite logic equal in right corner).

There is something weird becouse whole the rung (network) logic conditions are ok (1) but the coil is grayed - working like there is program before loading.


At the end of storing versapro generates an error. Whole program in PLC was made in LM90-30.


I am looking for solution. Best regards. Realy appreciate for your help / ideas.




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What CPU and what is the Version of the CPU? Some very old ones will only work with LM90. If this is not the case you should update to Proficy ME which replaced VersaPro more than 10 years ago. You can contact your local dealer for details.

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#3. This is normal behavior with Versa Pro. When you extract a Logicmaster program from a PLC using Versa Pro, it will stay "Not Equal" until you send the same program to the PLC using Versa Pro.

#5. If I remember correctly, the Versa Pro help files have something to say about this. To convert between RLL and IL, Versa Pro needs some temporary holding variables. In your specific case, there is something missing in those temporary variables. Look up the specifics of your error in the help file.

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Steve and RussB: Appreciate for your reply - CPU341: Version - I will check tomorrow.

Finally I was trying with LM90-30. Program was successfully load then modified and stored. There were no errors present while changing program online. 


Could you explain me what the _Main.dec is? File is invisible in project tree. Is it necessary to select all blocks and compile them before downloading? Is it always necessary to do that after migrating for example to Versa Pro or Proficy?


Best regards.



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