Need help reading data from an Omron CJ2M to Allen Bradley 1756-L74 over Ethernet IP

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I have an application I am currently working on where I have a single AB ControlLogix PLC that needs to read data from 12+ Omron CJ2M PLCs.  The Omron PLCs don't need to read any data from the AB.  

I have tried several things including the generic .eds file from Omron and the instructions in the document I found on this site:  Omron CJ2 to Rockwell ControlLogix Ethernet/IP Datalink.  The generic .eds file gave me a D6 error on the Omron side and after talking to support it does not seem like the correct path.  

When I tried following the instructions for the datalink I ran into several issues.  The first issue was that after configuring my network in the Omron software upon trying to load it I got a unit mismatch message for the 1756-EN2T, the .eds file I have is for a 1765-EN2T but the card shows as a 1756-EN2T/D, so I am concerned that could cause an issue...that being said I can't find any .eds file specifically for the /D revision.  The next thing I noticed was that there doesn't seem to be be a way to link the produced data from the Omron to the AB, the Omron configuration software with the AB .eds files loaded only gave me the option to send data to the Omron which we do not need to do.  I created a generic Ethernet module in my RSLogix program for the Omron PLC and then created a consumed tag and linked that to the module but I do not see where I set up the link on the Omron side for that, so how does it know what addresses to read??

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!

Thank you!

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I was hoping to do implicit messaging, but if I can not get it working I may have to use explicit messaging.  I am very familiar with the Omron configuration having used Ethernet IP in the past with other systems, but this is my first time using EIP with the AB.  In the explicit messaging example above I am a little confused about the addressing in the AB PLC, I thought the AB was purely tag based...

Has anyone ever used the AB to send an explicit message to the Omron?  I think if I must do explicit messaging that would be my preferred path since I have one AB PLC and multiple Omron PLCs.





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