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I am working with Component Panel View C600 and MicroLogix 1400.

I have to enter few timer preset values. I have created proper entry fields and the values entered into these fields are transferred to the PLC properly. The issue is that when the system is powered up the HMI does not read the values present in the PLC to populate these fields with values from PLC (the values for the timer presets are present in the PLC at power up), the fields are blank till numbers are entered there. I am sure it is some setting in the HMI, just don't know which one.

I know that this HMI can be programmed in CCW but I started the project using the explorer in HMI. Is there any way I can continue the development in another software package like CCW, FactoryTalk or something else?

When I transfer the file from HMI to my computer with extension .cha I can not open it with any software mentioned above. Just would like to continue developing the HMI without loosing the work that has been already done.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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I'm not sure, but I think you can select the Numeric Entry object, go to the properties box, and set the Indicator Tag to the same value as the Write Tag.

To edit the file in CCW, you have to import it. To import: Click File->Import Device->PVc Application. Browse to the .cha file and open it. See Article 751097 in the Knowledgebase for more details.

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