Modbus TCP Data Logging to Database

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Here is a recent post that I would like to share.

Using Visual Basic 2015 we will log three holding registers from the PLC along with time and date into a Microsoft Access Database. We will log every minute into the database with the information that we collect from the PLC via Modbus TCP (Ethernet). All code will be done and shown so you can implement this in your application with different parameters. The information collected in the database can then be distributed or analyzed in the future.

Visual Basic 2015 will be used with the EasyModbusTCP client/server library for .net. We will communicate to an Automation Direct – Do-More PLC. Using the free simulation software of the PLC Designer Software, we will retrieve three values of the Modbus Holding Registers using Modbus TCP. Once we have this information out of the programmable logic controller it will be placed in a Microsoft Access (2010) Database. This will be done by using a SQL command to insert the data.

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Let me know what you think,
Thank you



ModbusTCP MSAccess 010-min.png

ModbusTCP MSAccess 080-min.png

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Looks like a lot of work with many parts why not use an HMI which already has Database Connectivity.

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I think that for datalogging to Access (or for that matter a full SQL database application server) this looks good. I agree with Gambit that general datalogging in the HMI is OK, but for applications without HMI's or HMI's without direct database connectivity this looks nice.

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