S7-1500 HW Interrupt

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Hi Guys,

I'm still here asking your help because i need to reproduce a previous work that i did on omron series.

Now i'm using a Siemens 1510SP-1PN CPU, with a DI 24VDC module assigned in the first slot.

I would like to know how to call an interrupt task every time that a rising edge on E0.0 and E0.1 occurs.

I  have configured the I/O settings of the module, to call the OB40 hardware interrupt block, but unfortunately i don't know how to assign the addresses to a specified OB,

otherwise i noticed that if this option is enabled, instead of the default settings, the CPU can't see the input addresses rise up or turn on;

If i configure back the default settings i can see again in a variable table the address E0.0 turn on, why this happens? Is this meaning that i can't use this address for other tasks or other functions?

Can i call a hardware interrupt or something like that with an internal variable like a merker?

What instructions i must use to enable and activate the OB40?

Thank you!

Best Regards.

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