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I'd rather be playing sax

Just a thank you

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I've heard it said that the depth of your gratitude is only as deep as your efforts to show it. So I just thought I'd sign up today simply to say "thank you" to all of you guys who seem to come on here for no other reason than to help other guys out.

I'm a programmer - about 20 years now. PLC 5, Control Logix, (some Siemens, too) and when I get stuck, particularly at times like now, when I'm trying to learn Mitsubishi for a new project I have to go to, I look through the online documentation. And when it comes up short or is unclear, I google it. Mr PLC often comes up in the help list.

Thanks, everyone, for your interest in sharing (as they would say in the south) "what all o' y'all know."


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