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Hi All
I'm from an Allen-Bradley background and am having my first experience of Siemens.  I have an S7-314 that I keep needing to manually cycle the Run/Stop switch to get it into run.  Looking into the diagnostics I get the following error:

1 of 351; 
Event ID: 16# 3842
Module OK
Module type: Distributed I/0s
Input address:  2042
Channel information available
Requested OB: Diagnostic interrupt OB (OB82)
OB not found, or disabled, or cannot be started in the in the current operating mode
7/15/1994 17:36:13.322

Can anyone guide me where to look to solve this?  Thanks,


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look in HW config for address 2042, probably a diagnostic address, but check everything, its there somewhere.  This is the module that is faulted.

If you want to keep the processor running during this fault, add OB82 to your project and download it.  The interrupt handler will call OB82 on every instance of this error and keep the PLC in run mode. This won't stop the fault from occurring or fix it in any way, but it will keep the processor in run, some people would rather stop the plc on an error, its totally your call based on what your machine actually does.  If you need more help, archive and post your project and I'll take a look.  If it works for a while, then stops, probably a bad profibus connection or poor shielding.  Good luck.




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