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Hello there,

I would like to add a "Print" button to my PanelView HMI screens that will basically do a screen capture of the current screen the button is on and then have that file saved in some format ("JPG, PDF, etc). The file could either reside in the memory of the HMI, saved to a USB drive or SD card so that an operator could retrieve the image easily. Transmitting the image over Ethernet to a PC or server would be ideal but probably a bit out there for the applications that I usually create. A local store and retrieve process is fine for now.

Anyone got any advice on how to make something like that happen? Is that even possible on PV 700 or 1000 HMI units?

Many thanks in advance!

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This is a feature many users have asked for.

First, what PV programming software are you using?

Second, what is your end goal...an HMI button for the operator to print a screen and generate a graphic snapshot of that HMI screen?

Would a hard copy suffice?  If so, you can connect some USB printers to a PV700 or PV1000 and print the current screen image.

Keep in mind your dated PV terminals, and their development software, may not allow for this feature.



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