My son's birtday, and I need your help please

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Hi there :D

My son's birtday is coming up, and he loves to play with siemens plc 300

so I planted to surprise him at by making a inverter (Altivar 31) connect to PLC 300 and make PLC 300 connect with HMI (Inverter-PLC-HMI) the point is that I want to control the inverter with HMI (the motor speed hz) but I need to program the PLC, which I have no idea how to do. I can configure it, but after that I got no idea.


Can someone please help me or show me, I really want to make this happened.

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Hello Wish 177,

Do you have any experience with other PLC programming activity?

What soft you use ? TIA Portal or Step7 and WinCC flexible?

First of all is important to understood what type of output modules you have: only digital or you have also analog output.

If you have only DO, then you may create on HMI some switches for Start, Stop, Direction, Low speed, High speed.

You may create some lamps on HMI that will show status of inverter : Stopped / Running, Error triggered.


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Hi Wish177:

if you need some help about programming or examples please visit http://www.tecnoplc.com/ and they will help you.

if you need a Little program they can do it and you will find there a lot of information about programming.

Regards. Good luck.

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