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I am new to the Beckhoff PLC systems and PROFINET. For one of the applications I am trying to connect ETHERCAT module to the PROFINET Controller which is in turm connected to IO modules. I am using the following modules:

ETHERCAT coupler EK1100,EL6631 (Controller), EL6631(Device) --> EL6631(Controller)*,EL1008 (Input module)

The connection between EL6631(Device) --> EL6631(Controller)* is via Ethernet cable. I am not able to configure the connection in the above mentioned fashion. Please let me know if this is a valid configuration? Is there any simpler way to achive this. And I am using the TwinCAT3 software on my PC.


Thanksk in advance :)

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As I understand, you have two EK1100 and one of them, which include  EL6631 controller, and this ek1100 is directly connected to your PC. The other EK1100 includes EL6631 device and EL1008. In fact your communication with the second EK1100 has done with el6631 device and you don't need to use EtherCAT port of the second EK1100. If this is not your configuration, perhaps you have just one EK1100, in that case you don't need EL6631 controller and connect EL6631 device directly to your PC.

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