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I have a question regarding NB series display.

The comunication is made through RS232 / RS485 comunication.

I would like to use NB display as MODBUS MASTER and SLAVE aplication.

- Display would work as MADBUS-MOSTER to talk to plc controllers. (Working through COM2 - RS485)

- Secondly, Display would work as MODBUS-SLAVE to talk with (SCADA). (Working – Registers LW, LB))


What I have trouble with, is:

- I would like to change variable in the PLC - for example : Regime_PUMP (address: 0x0001).

- Regime_PUMP variable should be settable from all three devices PLC <-> DISPLAY <-> SCADA


- If I change Regime_PUMP through PLC it should refresh also on DISPLAY and SCADA.

- If I change Regime_PUMP through DISPLAY it should refresh also on PLC and SCADA.

- If I change Regime_PUMP through SCADA it should refresh also on DISPLAY and PLC.


Does anybody have an example for NB series of display to do this?


Best regards.

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Hi manowar,

Maybe you can try a timer macro.

Best regards.



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