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Not able to make object "VBA contolled" (sos)

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Not able to make object "VBA contolled"  (sos)

Dear Experts!!!

Actually i have two problems :

1.    I want to change the object (FT View SE v8.0) property to "VBA controlled". But its not allowing me to do it,  like as you can see on the pic.



2.    I want to make an array of objects in FT View like as shown in the pic (Image of VB form): the object name is azul and the index is 0 so the object shown in the pic is azul(0)


VB Form code is :

Private Sub Form_Load()
Dim i As Integer
For i = 1 To 224
Load gris(i)
azul(i).Visible = True
Next i
azul(0).Visible = True
For i = 0 To 224
azul(i).Top = gris(0).Top
azul(i).Width = gris(0).Width
Next i
For i = 0 To 224
azul(i).Left = azul(0).Left + i * azul(0).Width
Next i
End Sub

As you can clearly see in VB code I have created one object only, but rest of the objects are being created by Code only

I want to do the same thing in FT View SE v8.0

Please please help!!!!!

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