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Hello Everybody!   This is just a friendly update to let everybody know that we are doing some updates on the site today. If you experience any issues with the theme or posting content please forgive us. We are working on fixing all the bugs with keeping the site update. We should have all issues resolved before saturday December 5th, 2015.   Thank you for your patience and understanding. MRPLC Web Team

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Things should be going back to normal now. We've had a combination of issues all at once.

The upgrades to the latest forums software caused some display issues to begin with among other smaller things. We have hopefully caught all of them and patch them up.

In addition to the upgrades, either the new upgrade or the old code, had a virus in the code base and allowed the database to be corrupted. The posts database to be exact. This caused a lot of the spam / duplicated posts/quotes in the all the threads you we're seeing. 

We have installed a new security malware service to scan the server multiple times a day to help protect the site further . We also have patched up the database and restored 99.99999999999% of the post that were affected. There may still be some post from the last few days that may still be affected by the spam content.

Moving forward we are implementing a new backup system to give us better restore points around a detected issue or upgrade! We will also be implementing a stronger firewall setup to to protect the content and user data of MrPLC.com.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please contact us.

You can always PM me using my username ctew.

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