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Weintek EMT3105P HMI

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Hello, I am using a Weintek EMT3105P HMI with a 1769-ERML33 AB Compactlogix PLC. I have had the equipment at the customer site up and running for 4 months now with no problem. Now have a problem with the recipe data base. All the formatting is correct, all the addressing is correct. All the items in the numeric input object properties are correct. However it has been converting the data entries for some cells in the recipe database to scientific notation and ignoring the format. I have a recipe input for the number of holes to drill, which writes from the numeric input object to the recipe for number of holes. It is formatted in the numeric input object properties as 3 digits to the left and 0 digits to the right of the decimal point. When I write to this, lets say the value of 2, the number that written to the recipe is 2.45655e40. I have done everything I know to fix this problem, delete, recreate, uninstall the software, the data base and all to no avail. I still have the same issue. If anyone out there has any ideas or experience with this I would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks in advance. Oldnerd

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