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3 position switch indication

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Hi, I have done some searching and reading, but still could not find an explanation to the following issue. I am adding a new HMI (WW Intouch) to an older Modicon Quantum PLC. I have no experience with ladder logic. I am trying to figure out how to create a 3 position selector with a single feedback indication. Lets take a HOA switch for example. I would like to add a field next to the switch that would have text, indicating either HAND or OFF or AUTO, but only one at a time. One of the ways to do it in HMI is to make only 1 of 3 visible at one time, based on an input state, but I'm wondering if previously used HMI had different bits setup based on ladder logic block. I sketched what I currently have in the ladder - please see attached. As you can see, instead of sketching 3 identical rungs, I just stacked references. My questions is - what do the 3 MBIT blocks do? I believe, previous HMI used reference 400351 for status indication, instead of 3 separate reference, but I cannot understand/figure out where is the bit, defining the current position of the switch.

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