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Any experience with "LS" HMI software: XP Builder?

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We have just taken ownership of a new line using LS HMI's which are supported by XP Builder software. Much like GP Pro(Proface) Software whenever you want to upload from a HMI you need to save as a new project, the vendor explained to me it is imparitive to save these as "Project Files" when uploading, so of course I have done so. That being said I have been steadily been making small changes to different HMI's saving them as project files and now I am trying to upload from the 4th HMI and it gives me "XGT is not a supported project file" and yes I have the project file tab selected when trying to save as a new file, same XP builder version, same HMI series (XP70). Does anyone have any similar experience with this? I am not able to contact the vendor based out of Korea, go figure. And the LSIS website is not giving me any usable support information. Any help or suggestions is much appreciated, Thanks!

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