WinCC flexible and TIA Portal archive viewer

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Hello all, I created a Viewer for WinCC flexible and TIA Portal csv archive. Here a screenshot: you can download this software here: About feedback I would be happy Maybe you have some Ideas?

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New beta



1.9.0 beta 2
Added export data from DataGrid to CSV file.
Added Menuitem "Show/Hide All Curves"
Fixed display of modal dialog boxes.
Fixed Appcrash caused by non-numeric values in the "Change Y scale" dialog box.

1.9.0 beta1
Added support for RDB format logs.

The caption of the main form now displays the number of entries (points) in the log.
New filters in the OpenFile dialog.
Enabled "ReadOnly" property in the data grid.
Minor bug fixes.

Information on command-line options moved to the "Info" window (temporary solution).
Added ability to rearrange columns in the data grid.
Fixed display error in fullscreen mode.
Added "Full Screen" button.
Logparser code improvement.

Added PrintDialog.
Added visualization of toolbar buttons pressed state.
Minor code changes.
Initial Release.
.NET version requirements upgraded to 3.5
ZedGraph updated to 5.1.7


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