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S7 to CompactLogix through Prosoft PLX32-EIP-SIE

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Hi I have a customer who wants to communicate some setpoint information from their Siemens S7 PLC to a CompactLogix L32E PLC. I have installed a Prosoft PLX32-EIP-SIE for ethernet-to-Siemens Industrial Ethernet comms. On receiving a setpoint in from the S7 I then close a loop with some speed feedback in the L32E with a PID. I don't have any access to a Siemens S7 (or software) to test that the comms is working before the unit is shipped, all I have is the CompactLogix hardware. I do have a second CompactLogix PLC / PanelView HMI, but I dont think that this will give me the comms to talk to the SIE port in the Prosoft. I was hoping to have a simple slider on the PanelView to change an integer value to simulate the setpoints coming from the S7. Does anyone have any idea how I might implement this with AB hardware / RSLogix / FactoryTalk?

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