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Toyopuc Analog Control

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Hello, I've been writing logic for Toyota for some time, but amazingly enough, this is the first analog control I've had to deal with. Now, I know where the manuals are, which manuals to use...but as anyone knows the Japanese-English translation leaves much to be desired. Here is my issue. I am using a PC3JG cpu. In slot 4 I have an AD-2 (0-10V) analog input module. The manual says to use FUN 318 (IOR) to place the data into a register...OK, that's fine and good. Here is what the manual says word for word...quoted from the t-307 prog manual by JTekt. and yes, this is Ladder programming, not FB or SL. FUN (function) 318 example IOR --[ IOR X00W ---> D0000 N=0004h ]-- Reads the data starting from the address specified in OP2 (operand 2) when the start address of the I/O occupied by the AD module is specified in OP1 (operand 1). The address of reading source is specified by the higher 2 digits of OP3 (operand 3) and the number of data items to be read out is specified by the lower 2 digits. Question 1. what is the reading source? Question 2. i want the 0-4095 value for CH1, so what do I denote for "number of data items to be read out"?

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