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Add on AB_DLR Diagnostics Ethernet

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Hello everyone, this topic has a link with the topic number 23857 in wich one i had A duplex mismatch between 1756 EN2TR & 1734 AENTR ( My config: 1756L62 + BACKPLANE 1756A13 + 1 ethernet Card 1756 ENT2 (for SCADA) + 1756 EN2TR Ring network (for point I/O 1734 AENTR with 1734IB8 & 1734OW4) So after this i put the rockwell ADD ON - AB_DLR On my screen of the SCADA the window of this 1756 EN2TR ethernet card show "MSG Instruction fault" In the Rslogix 5000, in the message configuration window i have Error code: 16#0009 - Extended error code: 16#0000_0312 Inside help it's written: Error code (hex) 0009 = Error in data segment or invalid attribute value Extended error code (hex) 0312= Link address not available I set this add-on after reading the rockwell document, so i the attribute should be ok, problem should come from the error of data segment. So if someone has already use this add-on and can help me to set it....or to show in wich direction to go Thanks a lot

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