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I am using Twido TWDLCDA24DRF with TWD NAC 232D, along with PLC GSM Modem SR2MOD03. I am able to connect SR2MOD03 with HyperTerminal & I can send message using AT+CMGS="03028484098"<CR><Message Body>Ctrl-z Any help how to program the PLC to issue this AT command. I tried EXCH2 command but not able to do it. Any sample logic would be help greatly. I did follow the attached document & made logic (Both document & logic is attached) Regarding message i did implement it as per this note with following variations I set BR at 19200 in both Modem & PLC (As i am not able to set 9600 in Modem) I did made same logic as mentioned in the document but still i am not able to send sms message.Attached is my logic for your review please. But when i connect modem with Hyper terminal,i am able to send message using AT+CMGS="03028484098"<CR><Message Body>Ctrl+Z. I would really appriciate if any one could go through the code tell me the issue. After downloading this code initially %MSG2.Dn is not coming.I did force %I0.2 then all conditions were OK on Rung 7, so message should go.But it is not going. Twido S1026 vB GSM Edited by asim_rana

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