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Chris Elston

Twitter Integration to MrPLC now supported

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I know this probably isn't for everyone, but Social Networking has changed the way we do thing on the internet. So with that, MrPLC now supports Twitter Integration. If you would like to login with your Twitter account, you can do so now. If you want to combine your twitter account and your forum account you can do so. You may have to logout first. Once logged out, sign in with the twitter connect button. You'll be taken to twitter where you can give the MrPLC twitter application permission to link your accounts. Once you do that, you'll be sent back to MrPLC. You have a choice that you can create a new account, if you have not created one, or link to an existing forum account. Now this step is important. When LINKING YOUR TWITTER ACCOUNT TO YOUR FORUM ACCOUNT, enter your forum "E-MAIL ADDRESS" not your "user name" for your MrPLC account. After you have done this, you may go to your Profile and edit your twitter sync settings. Right now I have mine set to sync my twitter updates to my forum board status. So in your profile at MrPLC, everyone can see your social habits and see your twitter updates. The Sync time is set up every 3 hours for now. And the rest of the settings are self explanatory. Later on, MrPLC may start to stream member updates. Think about this, if you are a business with a twitter account and you want to announce a new product on twitter, if your account is connected it will show up on MrPLC so your product updates and announcements can be seen in real time.

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