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[HMI Sample Code] - NT31 data entry

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File Name: NT31 data entry File Submitter: panic mode File Submitted: 28 Apr 2008 File Category: HMI Sample Code Attached file is sample basic HMI application for Omron NT series HMIs. It shows how to do numeric and string input and it contains compact version of ASCII keyboard which will fit NT31 (will work on any other NT screen) which is something my version of NTST does not include and keypads for 620 screens don't fit (NTST menu Windows Symbol Manager). Note when creating keypads they have to be in "1-3999 (Window/Keyboard)" while normal screens are in folder "1-3999 (Standard)" When creating new keypad from scratch: create new keyboard screen note dashed line rectangle. that indicates size of the popup window. all new keys/buttons must fit inside (what doesn't fit into frame will not be downloaded to HMI and will not show up) when creating standard screen: drop numerical input or string input object onto screen. note that there are two overlapped objects that are linked. one of them is tied to PLC memory and specifies focus type (i changed it from flashing inverted to just inverted). the frame around it is touch switch object which brings popup window (Input Key window/keyboard specify keyboard screen number). notes: you can have different functions assigned to touch switch. pay attention to cursor location or you may end up overwriting wrong value. objects on screens interact with tables (numeric string etc.). tables contain reference to PLC memory locations. Click here to download this file

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