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problem in ifix

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hi all... This is the first time am using iFix.. i went through the help file sand i done somethings means test project.. but its not working properly.. my first question is it possible to do the simulation like what in cimplicity.i just explain the configurations what i was done in my test proj.In System config. utility i was configured node,n/w and all. in the N/w Config. i was selected No Network because am not having any hardware then am not clear in the task config plz. let me know.After completing these i was created some tags in database mangaer and i was also configured tags in my screen with some conditions .. Once i run this system error is coming like error no.-2147186962 and output not allowed whats reason for this error plz guide me how to rectify this and explain me wht may the error and how to develop a sample proj. in a proper way.. expecting reply from all of you thank to all regards, Suma

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