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  1. I have a question regarding hazardous zone design. My control cabinet will be in safe area but I need to have e-stop and safety limit switch located in hazardous area, Div 1 Zone 1. I am assuming that I can use zener barriers or isolators between the field devices and safety relay. I just wonder if the safety relay will function properly with barriers in between? Also do I have to use 24VDC safety relay for this application? I don't know what voltage/current is present on the terminals connecting to safety devices.
  2. Hi, I have an OS32C-SN-DM Omron laser scanner on test and I am trying to set/read scanner parameters via Matlab, over TCP. The communication works as I am able to read the scanner range data etc. But I have a problem with changing zone set via Ethernet/IP (TCP) communication. I am using Omron OS32C Configuration tool 2.2.8 and the scanner OS32-SN-DM should support changing the zone set via EIP. In the Configuration tool I set Warning zone selection by EIP to Enable as shown in attached picture. The feature of changing the warning zone over EIP is explained in single paragraph: 4.21 Active Warning Zone Set Selection When the scanners "Monitoring zone" is configured for multiple detection zone sets and the "Warning zone selection by EIP" is enabled, the EtherNet/IP interface can be used to change the active warning zone set instead of using the zone inputs. When this feature is enabled an EtherNet/IP network device must select one of the 70 possible preprogrammed warning zone sets before starting normal operation. For more information on zone configuration and selection, see sections "Zone Set Selection and Configuration" and "Zone Set Input Selection" in the OS32C user manual. The switching time of the active warning zone set using the EtherNet/IP interface is one scan cycle or approximately 40 milliseconds. Output assembly objects 113, 114, 115 each can be used to define the active warning zone set as well as the vendor specific object 115 listed in Table 4.   I am using vendor specific object 115 (0x73,1,7) to change the Active Warning Zone Set, but the scanner is always in error code 70 (Incorrect number of active zone set select inputs (guarded machine stop). I tried with automatic mode, Start interlock mode etc, but the scanner always expects the digital inpuits to change the zone set.   Does anybody have any idea what could be a problem as the Omron local support does not know the answer. Thank you very much for any suggestion!   Jure  
  3. I am trying to connect a CJ2M-CPU31 to a Watlow EZ Zone limit controller. I set up the tags in the PLC, imported them into Network Configurator for EIP, set up the tag links and downloaded. I am getting a d9 error on the CPU display. The error is not there constantly, it will display the error and additional info, then flash the last octet of the IP address for a few seconds like it's happy. Then the NS light flashes red a couple of times and the d9 error is displayed again. Attached shows the status of monitoring the processor. The fact that the connection tab is showing 00:0000 as the status and not showing an error code is confusing. I am not seeing any data on the PLC side when online, so they don't appear to be talking. Any ideas on what my issue may be? Thanks for any input.