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  1. Hello everyone,   I'm working on a project where I'm using Vtscada Light to communicate with a MicroLogix 1200 PLC. Currently, I can read values from the PLC without any issues. However, I'm facing difficulties when attempting to write values back to the PLC.   Setup: PLC: MicroLogix 1200 SCADA Software: Vtscada Light Communication: Rockwell Driver with a serial port and serial-to-ethernet converter   I'm looking for guidance on the proper method to write values to the. If anyone has experience with this setup or similar, your insights would be much appreciated.   Thank you for your help!  
  2. I have an inquiry about the best IoT plan for an alarm system that sends SMS notifications. Our company is currently deploying an alarm system, and we would like to configure it to send SMS notifications to at least 10 cell phones in case of any incidents.   We are planning to use a cellular modem connected to the main server, which would have a SIM card from AT&T. However, we are not sure which IoT plan to select for this purpose.   Based on our requirements, we would like to receive SMS notifications for any incidents that occur on our alarm system. We estimate that we would send around 100 SMS messages daily, with an average message size of 160 bytes. We would also need to ensure that the data usage for SMS messages is kept to a minimum. Has anybody worked with an AT&T plan that allows sending and receive SMS's for alarm notifications?
  3. Good Morning,   My name is Joseph Rhodes, I work as an electronic technician for the City of Tuscaloosa at the wastewater treatment plant. I work to keep the plant up and running as well as 64 lift stations spread out around Tuscaloosa, Alabama. A majority of our lift stations utilize Verizon Cell Modems, RV50s to be exact. It's rather easy connecting remotely to these lift stations as I can configure a driver as an ethernet / ip driver then associate an IP of that lift station (ex. is lift station 104, is lift station 105, etc). However, for the lift stations that do not utilize cell modems. We use GE MDS 9710 and 9810 radios. It is these lift stations that I have yet to figure out a way to connect remotely to the LS RTU PLC. All of our lift stations use Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1200s or 1400s. These lift stations that use the MDS radios communicate information to water tanks then that information is sent back through other channels. I was wondering is there a way to associate these lift stations on RSLinx that use GE MDS radios ?