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  1. Hi and thanks for youre time  I am a newbie trying to connect to a 1769-L30ERMS using an Ethernet cable. I am using Studio 5000 and RSLinx Classic lite for programming and communication. However Studio 5000 and RSLinx Classic lite are installed on av virtual machine using VMware.  So my problem is two fold. Connect the VM so that it reads from the real computers ethernet port Find and communicate with the PLC from the VM There are guides on how these problems are addressed seperatly. For example and however I have not been able to get them to work together. So I was wondering if you, the sages of PLC programming might have some tips or trix that I could test or perhaps even a guide for how to do? Mvh Eric
  2. I am sure this question has been asked before but I cannot seem to find what I am looking for in my searches. I have just started working for a new company and I am working remote. I will be running my Rockwell Machines on Workstation Pro. Normally I have always had an individual license on my host machine to share with my VMs but this company use a license server that I will connect to through a VPN. Can anyone tell me how to set up my VM connection to look at the VPN? I have tried several things myself but with no success. I can ping the server from my host but no matter  how I am trying to set up my virtual adaptors can I ping the server or fetch activations. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello Dear Friend, Need some advice regarding using the Virtual Machines. I bought a new laptop for office use. (for Programming various PLC and designing HMI/SCADA etc...)   The configurations of the Laptop are as below. Model - Asus Tuf Gaming F15 Processor - Intel Core I5-10300H 10th Generation RAM - 8GB DDR4 HDD - 1TB SSD M.2 NVMe PCIe Graphics - 4GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Ti GDDR6 2.5 GHz Base Speed, Up to 4.5 GHz Turbo Boost Speed, 8MB Cache, 4 Cores, 8 Threads.   I have never used Virtual Machine before, but this time I am planning to install all the automation-related software on VMs. Main System - Windows 7 64bit + MS Office + Accounting Software + Mail etc. I am planning to create 4 VMs as of now. VM1 - Windows 7 + Schneider Software (Control Expert, Machine Expert, Citect, Vijeo Designer, etc...) VM2 - Windows 7 + Omron + Delta + Fuji Software VM3 - Windoes 7 + Siemens Software VM4 - Windows 7 + Rockwell Softwares   I am planning to make two partitions of 1 TB SSD. Partition-1 for Main System (100 GB) Partition-2 VMs and all other Data (900 GB)   I will not run more than 1 VM at a time. All the VMs will be used to run the software only. I am planning to store all the project backups outside the VMs.   Now my Questions -  1) Should I use the VMs ? 2) Which VM software should I use? (I am preferring Freeware) 3) How much RAM and Processor should be assigned to each VM ? 4) How to configure a Graphics card to improve the performance of VM ? 5) How to access the storage of partition 2 in all the VMs to store all the data outside of VM ? 6) How do VMs use Processing Power of CPU and RAM ?   Please share your valuable suggestion and answers.   Have a Good Day.  
  4. Dear all, In a previous post I asked if someone had the software for an old Taian TP02. We used to sell our bandsaw machines with these PLCs a long time ago, around when I was 5 years of age. They are NOT required anymore but its purely as a hobby / and it would be cool if I got it to work. Now I contacted Taian directly and surprisingly they did send me the PC12 software. What I did then was create a Windows 95 VMware and add a serial port (see picture). I connected the PLC to my laptop using a USB to COM cable(RS232 I believe) and the host recognized it as a connection (Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port (com2)), and I selected com2 as the serial port that had to be added to the VMware. No problems there, but when I try to connect to the Taian TP02 PLC, it will give a communication time-out. This also happens when the cable is NOT connected, so I think I'm somehow missing an extra step. The cable I am using I also use to program HMI's with so I THINK that's not the issue. But if someone knows if I need a special cable or something, or missing a special driver to communicate between Windows 10 host and Windows 95 vmware, please let me know. But I'm guessing on a missing link between the host and VMware. the host will show Com2, and Windows 95 is only showing COM1. Please let me know, any help is welcome! Thanks
  5. As the title says, Studio 1.40 crashes if I try to run it in VMWare Workstation (version 14.1.8). I had to disable the "Accelerate 3D graphics" option in VMWare in order to install this upgrade, this has never been an issue before on earlier versions of Studio. I thought I could then re-enable it but this causes Studio to crash as soon as you start it up. I've not spent any time running it with 3D graphics disabled to know if it can run stable. Or if having it disabled causes problems with Studio or other software on my Omron VM. Has anyone else experienced this issue or have any insight?