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  1. Hi All, On my control network I have two physically separate layers, one which connects the SCADA systems and HMIs to the PLCs, and one for the Ethernet I/P network that connects the PLC's to their respective devices. I've got my head around the theory of Routing, VLANs and switches (L2 & L3). I actually have L2+ switches on my network, and I want to set up VLANs to separate out the PLC's and their devices more, as well as keeping PC and Printer type devices away from the PLCs completely (With the exception of the two SCADA Servers to poll the PLCs). I need some help with redundancy. I should mention that the control network is contained behind a firewall which leads to the corporate WAN. IT take control for keeping us separated from the outside world. I want to implement VLANs and I'm going to need redundant paths if switches in the network fail. What level of involvement do I need to have to implement STP/MSTP? Can I just 'Enable' it on the switches and they sort it all out between themselves, or is it fairly involved? I don't need seamless transition if there were to be a failure. But network recovery within 30 seconds would be great, 2 - 3 minutes would be acceptable.