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  1. Good day everybody!    I am having issues troubleshooting a machine which is controlled by a VIPA PLC. I must admit that I am not very knowledgeable with this brand so I am a bit hesitant to touch anything. From the machine's supplier I got a .wld file which I could load into an SD card and load into the VIPA PLC itself through a Master Reset procedure. Still, our issue persists so I was wondering if I could somehow extract this .wld file into Speed7 Studio (or another program) to visualize it and try to troubleshoot the issue. Or in another case, if there was a way to directly read the currently loaded program from the PLC.    As I said, I had never worked with this brand before so I am being a little overly cautious with what I touch in this PLC.    Thanks for your help! 
  2. Yaskawa Vipa M13C

    I need some help, i have a yaskawa Vipa M13C in a machine (first time to see a yaskawa PLC), the machine has a problem and i need to acess the program to see what´s the problem, i downloaded SPEED7 Studio(Trial),  but i cant find a way to upload the program from the PLC.  I searched google but i can't find anything, it is possible to upload from the plc, not having the original project?? Thanks  Best Regards