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  1. Omron CJ1m - bluetooth connect

    Hi, I write app to smartphone to communication omron CJ1m and Android. I want to connect devices by standard bluetooth. I plug in bluetooth adapter directly to omron RS232.  I want to ask you, how i can connect by FINS command. Bluetooth device baud rate is set 9600. If i connect to omron, i sent code: "AC01" and i sent how long as omron return me "AC01" ?? And what's next command i sent? If I want read CIO 10 i sent: "0101B000000A" ? and FCS and "*" ?? how i calculate FSC? Is it XOR my data sent? 
  2. UART (TTL)

    Hello, I have an NX1P2 with a CIF105 (RS485 module) and trying to control motors (Dynmaxil MX106T) that run on UART (TTL). I spent some time researching and came across MAX485, but I don't think that's the best way to do it. To make things more complicated, there's only one data pin on the motors, i.e. runs half duplex so I'll be needing some sort of direction control.  Has anyone here come across something similar? How is it possible to communicate with a TTL device from the PLC? Thank you