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  1. How to use EtherCAT device

    I have a device which uses the ET1100, Beckhoff to control. I use software TwinCAT 2 to connect this device and it identified the name's EtherCAT I/O Heizungssteller 9 Kanal. But it appear error, it's ERR_PREOP and cannot change to OP. Error: 'check device state for SAFEOP'. AL Status '0x0012' read and '0x0004' expected. AL Status Code '0x0017' - Invalid sync manager configuration'  Anyone can support me how to fix the error, change to OP for EtherCAT device, or how to control this? I attach the image of this error. Please!    
  2. Hi, We have Beckhoff CPU module CX1020-0113 and two Beckhoff AC servo drives conneted using EL7201 card. I want to run both of the motors simultaneously using TwinCAT 2 PLC Control. Since I want to control the position, so I am using MC_AbsolutePosition function block. The sinusoidal trajectory can be taken as 60*SIN(w*t) /*here t is time. w is angular frequency which is constant*/Below is the snippet from PLC program - Please see below image for System Manager Info - Can somebody tell me how to provide sinusoidal trajectory as position? Please note that both the motors must run simultaneously. - Thanks Ravi
  3. Hi, I am calculating velocity and acceleration from position inside TwinCAT PLC Control V2. All these equations have only one variable which is time. Below is the PLC code- (* We are using the external set point generator functionality *)NewPosition := theta_max*COS(omega*t); (* t is time in second *)NewVelocity := -theta_max*omega*SIN(omega*t);NewAcceleration := -omega*omega*theta_max*COS(omega*t);IF NewVelocity=0 AND NewAcceleration=0 THEN NewDirection := 0; (* stand still *)ELSIF NewVelocity >= 0 THEN NewDirection := 1; (* positive motion *)ELSE NewDirection := -1; (* negative motion *)END_IFt:=t+0.01; (* The task is called at every 10 ms = 0.01sec *)(* feed the dynamic data into the external setpoint generator interface of axis *)MC_ExtSetPointGenFeed( Position := NewPosition, Velocity := NewVelocity, Acceleration := NewAcceleration, Direction := NewDirection, Axis := Joint_2);-------------------------------------------------------------(* Below parameters are defined in Global Variables file *)VAR_GLOBAL CONSTANT theta_max: INT := 60; (* in degree *) omega: REAL := 0.62; (* 2PI/Time Period=10sec *)END_VARThe MATLAB simulation of the above equations gives me following results- But this does not work in real Beckhoff motor. Please suggest.