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  1. Hello, I wanna be sure before I'll spend some money, will I be able to control Turck devices (ie ), from I've found here on forum and on internet it looks to me like it should be possible, but I'm new in field of automatization.   Thanks in advance EDIT: I'm talking about Modbus
  2. Hello All! I am having difficulties mapping register values. In the TURCK register there are 24 unique register bytes corresponding to different value registers (8bit x 24). These 24(8bit) bytes were mapped into RSLOGIX 5000 as 12(16bit) INT words ....INT[12] .. This means there are 2 bytes (2 unique register values) inside each INT word. WHAT I NEED TO ACHIEVE: 1. (BLUE outline in drawing) Write/Map a value of "32" into byte 7 of the TURCK register so effectively starting at  INT[5].8 in RSLOGIX           Drawing1-Model.pdf This will enable the value of CNT1 (encoder count) to be registered in bytes 8-11... 2.  (PINK outline in drawing) READ/MAP the values registered in bytes8,9,10 and 11(4x8bits) into a SINGLE 32bit INT value which will tell me the CNT1 value of my encoder. I am having problems when ever I try to COP a value of 32 (no matter what kind of array it's sourced from) into INT[5].8 & I haven't tried to map/read the values of bytes 8-11 CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP EXPLAIN HOW TO ACHIEVE THIS?! Thanks for your input EVERYONE! :D Drawing1-Model.pdf
  3. I am having problems expressing an ANALOG OUTPUT 16bit INT word (0-10V Proportional Valve Voltage) as a REAL decimal number. From my understanding the word is divided into 2 (8bit) representing the whole number value and the second the decimal value. We're using BL20 I/O Module (german therefore LSB first I believe). I need to MOV/COP (read) the value, CONVERT it into a REAL number, Manipulate the REAL VALUE, then CONVERT the MANIPULATED REAL Value back into a 16bit INTEGER & WRITE the NEW Integer Value into Proportional Valve Voltage Location.   I also have a similar situation regarding our Incremental Encoder. In this scenario the  pulse count is obviously a whole number (no decimals) where 4 (16bit) bytes represent the REAL Count Value.. I have read other posts on similar conversion topics and understand the general premise, but I'm having problems specifying write parameters.. -  i.e. writing bits 0-7 from an INT into SINT[0] (HIGH BYTE representing the whole # value? ) and writing bits 8-15 into SINT[1] (LOW BYTE representing the decimal value) THEN CONVERTING into REAL # (Voltage fed to Proportional Valve)     ...manual section... page 282&283 - i.e. writing bits 0-15 from INT[0] , INT[1] , INT[2] and INT[3] into a LINT (not sure if correct) THEN CONVERTING into REAL # (Encoder Count) ...manual section... page 17 (current count value) ANY SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED... project file if interested..
  4. SSI TO CP1H-XA40

    Ok here are the parts list: 2 of a truck SSI transducer: Li1000P0-Q25LM0-HESG25X3-H1181 The processor is a omron is a CP1H-XA40DT-D with a CJ1W-CTS21-E (with the proper adapter to connect the two units.)  The Transducers have there own power supplies and all the commons are connected.  The problem I have is that I can not the transducer to connect to the PLC reliably. One time they will connect the next time they will not or only one will connect, but all ways the same one.  I have been to Omron Headquaters in Chicago and they said it was a problem with the transducers. Turck said that is a problem with the setup. I have tried just about every setup in the world on the DM registers (dm20000-20029) I can not get it to be stable. I have even gone to the point of direct wiring the transducer to the PLC and bypassing all connections that I had, with the same result. Yes everything is grounded. The only way I could get them connected was to move the transducers magnets during start-up of the PLC, but now that will not even work. Yes I have tried starting the transducer first and then the PLC. Does anyone have any experience with this setup? any advise would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Doug
  5. io-link integration

    I recently purchased a s7-1200 starter kit, a sm 1278 io-link modula and a io link linear sensor from turck. Un until now everything is installed and the sensor is cofigurated. Now the queastion is how do i get the value from the sensor into a tag in a datablock? As you can see in picture tia4 I started to fil in the device block but I could'nt figue everything out. (I am failry new to tia portal) With kind regards Dominique Hautekeete
  6. I am trying to connect a Turck FEN20 Ethernet I/O block to a LT4301M to use as remote I/O.  I am actually trying to set it up as a test bed for both the LT4301 and the FEN20 as my company would like to consider using one or both of them in future low-cost projects.  So I have two basic goals: 1) prove that the LT4301 can easily be set up to use cheap EhternetIP (or modbus) expansion modules 2) prove that the FEN20 can easily be set up to work with PLC brands other than AB (because most of our customers are Omron, Siemens, or Melsec). So far I'm unable to prove either.  I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to get the two to communicate.  Proface has several application notes with same GP-Pro example projects for setting up different communication protocols but none of them work for me.  I've tried several of the different EthernetIP protocols available on the Proface as well as several Modbus protocols.  I know others have set these Proface units up to work with Phoneix and Wago Ethernet I/O... so what am I missing?