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  1. Developed a new application Trajexia_communication for the exchange of information between Android smartphone and a motion-controller Trajexia (OMRON). 1. Program Trajexia_Communication designed to exchange information between your Android smartphone and  motion controllers Trajexia (OMRON). Information is exchanged by means of the computer and router, which is connected via Wi-Fi network with your smartphone and interface Ethernet  to controller.   The smartphone has the following funtion : - modes read/write of the memory  controllers VR,Table; - cyclic reading of the memory areas; - the formation of Alarms in the event of a controller failure (at Demo not); - read the contents of the directory computer; - reading contents of a text file computer; etc. The program Trajexia_Communication consists of 3 parts: - Trajexia_WI_FI_Connection.apk - is implemented on the smartphone -   setting and monitoring of parameters and variables on the smartphone for   information from the controller; - Server_Send_Receive.exe - implemented on the computer - intermediate server computer; - Server_Controller.exe - implemented on the same computer, the server computer for sharing   information Trajexia controller; 2. IMPORTANT !!! The smartphone communicates with the router via Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi router can be connected to local or WAN networks. Obviously, the router must be properly configured by the system administrator. It is also obvious that the smartphone and the router must belong to the same Wi-Fi network.   3. Work application Server_Send_Receive.exe and Server_Controller.exe tested on computers running the operating systems Windows XP and Windows 7. Work application Trajexia_WI_FI_Connection.apk was tested on smartphones Samsung, Philips running the operating system Android 5.0, Android 6.0.It is better to use a smartphone with a diagonal of 5 inches and above. 4. Application Trajexia_Communication paid, the cost per one user is  $5 USA. Distributed through Google Play. Application Trajexia_WI_FI_Connection.apk must be install in internal memory smartphone, not in SD card !!!     5. Trajexia_Communication have detailed Russian/English manual.    Address for download full manual -         Enjoy. Copyright Dr.-eng. Alexandr Ryss. Moscow. 2016.