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  1. NT20 touchscreen broken

    Hi, I have an Omron Nt20S touchscreen and the screen is broken.  The only way I know how to get the program off of the screen is to push two corners at the same time and then go into transmit mode. Does anyone know how to upload a program from this screen without changing it to transmit mode?  I already attempted to replace the screen, but I think the program is stored on the circuit board the screen is attached to. Thanks in advance!
  2. Siemens IPC477D Touchscreen Driver Needed

    I have reloaded a IPC477D with Windows 7 64-bit and everything is working but since we do not have the original installation disk or ISO, we have no way to load the touchscreen driver. I am looking for any information that would lead me to the OEM for the touchscreen or if anyone has access to the IPC installation DVD, all we need is the touchscreen driver directory which should have both the 32-bit and 64-bit version. Siemens tech support indicated we must repurchase a installation DVD for $350.00 and it would ship from the fatherland and be here in about a week. Thanks in advance.
  3. i need help

    I need help programming an allen bradley 2711R-T7T touchscreen. I'm using a micro 850 PLC and I cant figure out how to use the momentary PB on the screen to make the light on the screen turn on. I can turn the light on with the PB that is on the panel door but not the one on the actual screen. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I've been using CX-Programmer since I got started in the automation industry a few years ago; so while I'm no expert with CX I can usually figure out a way around the road blocks I hit.  Sysmac is a whole new beast for me.  I really don't like IEC style programming; I like addresses- though that is probably just from a lack of experience.  I've only had a bit of training (read: one day) with TIA Portal; and I've written a few programs with Proface's GP-ProEX.  I now have a customer that is using an NJ plc on a machine in place of a CJ2 that was on the first one we built.  So I'm in the process of basically rewriting the whole program in Sysmac; but I'm used to using a lot of quick and dirty functions that I can no longer use.  For example I'm used to being able to use the bits of a word as Boolean outputs; and have those bits modify the value of the word to accomplish something else.   Here is a quick example: W100.00 (Fault 1) Energizes.  IF W100>0 THEN:           Energize W200.00 (Fault Exists)   Hope that makes sense.  Basically if a bit within W100 comes on then there is a fault and I can use the value of W100 being greater than 0 to energize the primary fault coil.   That allows me to have a bit by the individual fault to activate a message on the touch screen; but it also allows me to activate the main fault coil without having to put everyone of the bits in a huge parallel branch.   I know I could just use an INT tag and write a number to it for each fault; but I still need an individual address to trigger the alarm message on the NS screen.  Is there a way to accomplish this without having to write a bit and a move statement for each fault? 
  5. I am currently doing a major project for a large corporation who, like so many U.S. companies, has Allen Bradley tattooed across their foreheads. This project entails the use of 13 touchscreens and the customer insists they be A-B. I cannot begin to assess the countless lost hours we have swallowed talking to Techconnect to make the software work. Endless activation issues, trying to get the View Studio to access the PLC's tag file, etc. And the way A-B sells their touchscreens by touting "seamless integration" with the PLC? That to me is a cruel joke on their part! But by far, the lost time in developing the application on the machine due to the incredibly long time it takes (around 5 minutes) for each download. Oh, and did I forget to mention the incredibly hostile file manipulation system? You have to close down View Studio (and sometimes even reboot the computer) in order to backup or restore a file! We use a lot of Red Lion and Maple touchscreens on our machines and I gotta tell you, development time is light years faster than an A-B touchscreen project! We are actually now telling customers that we need to charge significantly extra if they demand an A-B touchscreen to cover our development costs. Oh, and did I mention that Red Lion software is free and Maple software is dirt cheap? Or that both Red Lion and Maple have excellent free telephone support? I do not in fact hold a grudge against A-B in general. In fact I really love their PLCs and programming software, but when it comes to touchscreens, A-B has really, really missed the boat.