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  1. Hi there,  I'm downscaling my business in Western Canada and have some legit software licenses I'm going to sell. This was my first thought as to where I might explore selling/transferring licenses, but I'm also open to polite suggestions.  I have: one Studio 5000 Full Edition ESD Software (9324-RLD600ENE) (software & valid license) two Siemens TIA portal software packages & licenses with Step7 v14sp1 and WinCC Comfort Advanced V14sp1 (software & USB dongles) an unused Simatic WinCC SmartServer license (software & USB dongle) one Progea Movicon 11 Scada/HMI developer license (software & USB dongle) one Progea Movicon NExT DEV3-FL (developer license) (software & USB dongle) an unused Progea Movicon NExT Scada license (RTCS3-F-1K+WB3-1K) for site install (software & USB *unused) one package of Schneider Movicon with license (Vijeo Designer, Unity Pro S, and SoMachine) (software & USB keys) Thanks! Mark
  2. Hello All,   I hope this post is not against any forum's rules. If so please delete.   I would like to invite everyone interested to have a look at my website, which is purely about TIA Portal and everything related: TIA Portal how to   There you can find articles, tutorials, tips and videos.   Hopefully someone will find it helpful. There are more materials coming so be sure to subscribe to Newsletter   There is also: Facebook Fanpage                          Facebook Group                         Twitter                         YouTube   Regards, Robert Jankowski
  3. There is a standard view called "User view" that you can drag in to your HMI project on TIAPortal. It allows you to create new users, and edit users during run-time (i.e. from the HMI screen itself, not from your laptop). However it is not clear if/how you can delete users during run-time. Does anyone know how to do it? Thanks in advance!
  4. With Factory I/O you can learn and test your program with a 3D view system Support many automation regular machine,support digital and analog signal too Have a look on this software
  5. Reset program

    Hi everyone I have this program on TIAPortal 13 where a couple of people have been working on, now its my turn to debug it. My issue it is that the program after a few runs, stop working well; and the operator needs to turn off the machine and turn it back. So the PLC starts over and the machine runs well again for a few runs.  Im working on debugin the program to find out the problem but I havent found it. Its there any instruction that reset the program, like when the operator do the hard reset. If this is possible I can program this reset after each cycle PLC S7-1200 Best regards Sergio 
  6. Currently, I am using the S_MOVE instruction to copy a string called "dbVariant".Variant1.PartNumber into "dbVariant".VariantInBuild.PartNumber. How would I go about copying the whole struct "dbVariant".Variant1 into struct "dbVariant".VariantInBuild? Thanks in advance!
  7. For example, I want to have many structs in a data block, that all have the same structure. I can create one, and then copy and paste it. BUT then if I want to change the structure of the struct slightly, updating every struct takes ages! Is there a way to define a struct as a "type", so that each instance of the struct is updated when you update that type? (Like you can do in C# for example.) Thanks!