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  1. Hello, I have a client who is moving a piece of production equipment controlled by an Omron SYSMAC CQM1 CPU41 which they say was built in the late 1990s or early 2000's. They have asked me to backup the program in case the system is damaged during the move.   From browsing the forum, I believe I need a CQM1-CIF02 cable and CX Programmer software which is included in the CX-ONE package.   My question is, since we don't want to do program development, just backup and restore, is there a simpler lower cost alternative to CX-ONE? Also, is there anything I should be aware of or be careful of attempting a program backup.   Thanks,         Mac
  2. This is a machine with a CQM1 PLC and a NT31C HMI. Battery of the HMI run out and the HMI program was lost. I got the PLC program and identified some of the memory locations, can use the machine but not fully. Omron is not my thing so I am looking for some help to identify program functionality. some sequencer functionality and a servo, not many I/O's. The entry from the HMI is converted and has some math maybe to address the 16bit limitation, not sure. Is a home made machine and the original controls contractor cannot be located.

    Hi! Does someone has a pinout and/or wiring diagram for an old  CQM1-CIF02 cable? Thanks!
  4. Old Cqm1H CPU51 with NS11

    Hi , I need to connect a CQM1H cpu51 with NS12 I m not able to establisn the connection between them. Could you help me. thks
  5. Hi All, I've some problems after converting a cqm1-cpu41 program to a cj2m unit. I am still trying to identify all problems  but the most annoing at this moment is the following. This cpu is connected to a proface HMI, and commands the screens that are shown,  through D1. I am keep getting screen #9 ("press reset"). if i press and hold ALARM_RESET (0.07) and the timer hits, I get the main screen that i want.But after releasing ALARM_RESET (0.07) screen #9 is back again (so that value is wriiten in D1)   This is a snippit of the converted program (exactly the same as the old program) There isn't any other code writing #9 in D1.  The strange thing is that line 210 is doing exactly that ( IF NOT ALARM_RESET (0.07) -> MOv #9 to D1 ) what is see, but how in earth did this work in the old CQM1 unit ? I suspect something with cycle time ? Maybe in the old unit line 217 was executed later and #A was written in D1 'over' the #9. Anyone has some thoughts on this ? Thanks in advance  Jeroen  
  6. Help! PLC program removed

    Hi, Anyone knows how to retain PLC program for CQM1 PLC model in the EEPROM? Everytime I power off the PLC, when power on the PLC Program lost and the PLC status is in ERROR(No END Instruction error). Already tried downloading with AR1400 turn on from the CX Programmer software but still no luck. Hope someone out there guide me step by step. I'm new to CX Programmer. Thanks lot! marky  
  7. CQM1 fatal error reset

    I have a fabric handling system using a CQM1-CPU21. When I started it , I got  error # 0x00F1. Also associated with it  are bits flagged AR1615 and AR1415. I have the programming code on a PC. I tried an error reset and now I have a stack of NOPs. I am not seeing the IO table using CX-programmer. Thank you.    
  8. Hi Guys,   I got assigned here on a job and Im trying to figure out to restore communication between an Omron PLC and kepware - kepserver. We have a moxa nport device to convert the serial to TCP/IP ,.. I am able to ping the device itself so the network communication up to there is alright. I must say that before I was asked to verify - a couple of months ago the communication was working fine. Something has happened in between these time which of course nobody knows, and I have to fix it to get it operational again,...   I uploaded here some images from the kepware and moxa nport settings   if any could assist in what is going wrong - please let me know. 1 more thing. at 1 device I was able to get updates by putting the Scan Mode on a forced setting and requesting each 500ms to pull data. Only thing is that I only get an update every 2minutes while it should be at least every second,. the data value is changing every minute.  
  9. Please I need a little help with a CQM1 plc and a DA021 because I need to control a sysdrive 3G3EV with the DA021, i dont know exactly how configure too 4-20ma and what address send the data to be converted to Analog output, i see something about APR function but I dont see any practical example. In the application i have to change the speed of a motor from a hmi, I sink on a variable in the range from 0-100 and convert this too bdc and then send to the DA.
  10. Hello. Resolving home automation whether it is possible to connect several CQM1 PLC and HMI programming terminal. There's got connected figure :  I would like to connect several PLC and HMI display data (WINGP knows several PLC) PLC will not communicate with each other. HMI will transmit data PLC01-PLC03. I'm not sure whether it will work, see:    Thank you 
  11.  Hi, im from brazil and need some help, some days ago i buy a programmer CQM1-PRO01-E beacause one plc CPM2B are deceased, we have another equipaments with this one, but CX programmer not response and de are trying day after day, but with this programmer i want copy and paste the logic from other PLC. Can you help with copy and paste on programmer CQM1?
  12. Program 16 position rotary selector switch

    I have a 16 position rotary selector switch I'm trying to program to a CQM1 PLC, that I will also be programming to a micrologix 1200 in the future, using CX Programmer. The switch connects to the PLC using 4 inputs, and activates the inputs in a binary pattern 0-16 as I turn the switch. For example: if the switch is wired to the first four inputs of the PLC, and is turned to "9" 0.0 and 0.3 will be activated and 0.1 and 0.2 will not, just like binary 9 = 1001. I have tried several things trying to get the PLC to accept these inputs as a single "data-point," and then convert to BCD or Hex to use in a timer. I'm having no luck! Does anyone have any ideas how this is done? The switch is a Tosoku DPP01 015L20RCB, and because of the age of the PLC my instruction set is limited. Thank you in advance!
  13. Hello, I am trying to connect an OMRON CMP1-30CDR-A-V1 to my PC. I used a CQM1-CIF02 cable which I connected to RS232-USB converter and then to my laptop. Is this the right way to do it? I have seen on the OMRON website the attached diagram. Should we use that device or an RS232-USB converter will be enough? Also. I tired to use a PC with RS232 port directly but it also failed. Regards,  
  14. I retired 10 years ago and a parting gift from some of my fellow employees was a CQM1 with the following modules PA206, CPU41, 1 IO212 and 2 DC222. They also gave me the original 3 1/2 inch discs for SYSWIN - V3.1 and V 3.2A.They gave me the hardware because the company had made the decision to go with Allen-Bradley and move away from Omron. The reason for my post is that my 16 year old grandson is coming to visit and I would like to give it to him to learn on but I am uncertain of what he needs to get started. I do not believe he has a 3 1/2 inch floppy drive available to him to install the software. I seem to remember there was dongle involved (software key) which I do not have. based on what this kid has done in the past I believe he is very sharp mechanically. I would appreciate any help to get this youngster started. Please feel free to email me directly. Thanks Chuck Fitzwater